Turmeric & Honey facial soap

  • Turmeric & Honey facial soap

ALL Natural & Organic ✔
coconut oil
palm oil
olive oil
castor oil
sweet almond oil

with Turmeric Powder and
Raw Golden Honey

Turmeric benefits the skin by treating severe conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties work wonders in treating even the trickiest of skin conditions. The cooling properties of turmeric help reduce redness from blemishes and calm inflamed and irritated skin.
Other benefits can include Glowing skin Honeyyy (pardon the pun 😭) Boosts healing | Helps treat psoriasis | Helps acne scarring | May treat scabies & other skin conditions.
& that HONEY 🍯🍯🍯because of its antioxidant and humectant properties, honey is great for dry or damaged skin due to its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, raw honey helps kill bacteria that may cause acne and will can allow the skin to heal faster